Aron Lodi (b.1996) is a visual artist and designer based between Budapest (HU), and The Hague (NL). Through design, writing, and installation, he forges new ways to navigate the flatlining ideological and political landscape by embracing the in-between realm of facts and fantasies. Trapped between myriads of cultural realities on the east-west axis of Europe, his work explores contemporary socio- and geopolitical mechanisms, cultural phenomena, and industrial economics.

Aron Lodi holds an MFA degree from the Dirty Art Department at Sandberg Instituut. He is a founding member of the U&K Magazine publishing project and part of the artist collective Alagya. In 2022, he initiated a para-academic programme in Amsterdam, titled Contaminating The Soil That Nurtures Greed. His works have been shown by Semester9, Amsterdam (NL), Jedna Dva Tri Gallery, Prague (CZ), A Promise of Kneropy, Bratislava (SK), Vunu Gallery, Kosice (SK), Ultrastudio Gallery, Pescara (IT) and 1111 Gallery, Budapest (HU).

Full CV/Portfolio available upon request.