U&K Issue 05, Gold, 2020

Utca & Karrier magazine was established in 2018 in Budapest, Hungary. Since then, it has published five printed issues with an ever-expanding list of contributors and collaborators. It was founded by Áron Lődi, Dániel Kiszler, Endre Cserna, Márk Tremmel.

U&K Issue 05, Gold, 2020

So far, U&K organized talks, workshops, exhibitions, parties, lectures, besides publishing five printed issues:
Violence, Application, Knives, Flames, and Gold.

Die by the Royce Flag, 2020
digital print on textile

“Remember the secret handshake. Betray everyone. Keep the flames in mind. Get rich. Answer our call. Remember the signs. Eat the White Lotus if you see it. Kill your mentor. Do not fear the ashes. Draw the circle. Reveal the secret of your Sun. Visit the earthquakes. Drive fast. Die by the Royce. “

U&K Days #2 , ISBN Gallery, 2020