“Continuation does not necessarily come solely in terms of the pristine conservation and timeless preservation of monolithic wholes, but also in that of mnemonic efforts of reconstruction of tangible remnants, as much as of histories, stories, and memories.”+

In search of meanings, images, and answers for what can be built upon the haunted landscapes of the capitalocene. Excavation Site reveals a new longing. A longing for a future past, the glorified irreversible decaying. The queer vitality of dead matter 
navigates through the smell of decomposition towards a new past which exists beyond cloudy realms. 

Beast of Burden, 2021
basalt boulder, stufffed leather, steel nails, hemp rope

Technmesis, 2021
steel hooks, basalt boulder, fur, hemp rope, silicon rock

+ Ana Helena Arévalo: Ozymandias: the site of our forgotten Babylon, U&K Mag. Issue 05. Gold, 2020