Rokka with Metallic-Hard-Ware-Prósthetics, 2022

spinning wheel, metal, stainless steel wire

Cat Decline Gear Lever, 2022

3D printed PLA, stainless steel, laser-cut acrylic

Alagya — Maps of The Untamed Threshold, 2022

2.67:1 video (12:30’), stainless steel wire, laser-cut acrylic

Alagya — Iceberg Scheme, 2022

screenprint on laser-cut metal, resin, stainless steel wires

Purple Clay, 2022

natural purple clay and red dust soaked in fabric, wood

Alagya — Landmark, 2022

laser-cut acrylic, metal, chain, sound-system, digital audio (10:12’)

I Produce Glowing Value, 2022

metal, concrete with olive pigment, sublimation print on synthetic fabric, LED lights

Alagya — What Makes Us, Us, Takes Over, 2022 with Taka Kono

metal, laser-cut acrylic, coconut shell, metal cast, dried shells, coal, sublimation print on fabric

Alagya — Lampyridae, 2021

stainless steel, HPS lamp

Alagya — Bambi, 2021

engine block, metal, thermo-formed and laser-cut acrylic, candles

Alagya — Butterfly, 2022

thermo-formed and laser-cut acrylic, electric wires

Kingfisher, 2021

metal, 4K screen, digital animation

Beast of Burden, 2021

basalt, hemp rope, hardened leather, nails

Untitled, 2020

leather, metal chain, silk rope

Technmesis, 2021

basalt, hemp rope, fur, metal, silicon

Untitled, 2020

elder wood, plaster