As an artist duo, Szilvia Bolla and Aron Lodi explore identity, hybrid materiality, and life after capitalism. With their project Alagya, together they aim to interpret the nature of artefacts with a post-human approach through a distinctive play between sculpture and text.

Based on both speculation and fact, it attempts to forge visionary pre-/ reimaginations of technofossils as material traces of the capitalocene - the age when (pseudo-)commodity appears as a species that desires chaos and necrotizes the entire planet. Capital is the Sixth Extinction personified: it feasts on the dead, and in doing so, devours all life. A spectre that preys upon slow desolation as the residue of life in hydrocarbons becomes the residue of capital in petrochemical plastics.

Technoculture becomes both its birth and burial in the shape of its own materiality.

However, instead of interpreting fossils as ghostly dead matter, the project examines them as living entities through the scope of new materialist vitalism. These active characters are material hybrids, body-machines that are inhabitants/refugees/natives/critters/creatures/ survivors of the monstrous sublime and uncanny paradox haunting the plateaus of the post-capitalocene. They act as lively agents whether human/nonhuman, organic/inorganic, biotic/abiotic, visible/invisible. They recite poems in a language yet to be fully decrypted. These textual works are results of theoretical research and speculative fiction writing methods in collaboration with invited artists. Therefore the texts act as a collective effort to process the unknown future.

Together with invited artists, Aron and Szilvia are trying to create the new language and mythology of Alagya. So far, they have collaborated with Teo Ala-Ruona, Boris Ondreička, Taka Kono, Botond Keresztesi, and many others.

Thus, the project Alagya embraces identity, hybrid materiality and technology to learn about what it means/how it feels to be a dweller of a world in which matter, tool, human and information are irrevocably intertwined.